Sunday, September 21, 2014


So I haven't painted for awhile since I've been so consumed by money problems.  Today, though, I finally got up to the studio and went at it.  This is another painting inspired by a picture in the newspaper.  The minute I saw it I knew how I wanted to do it, with the huge foreground,  I tore it out of the paper and it has sat on the table for weeks, amidst all the other clutter that is always there.  As I was picking things up in an effort to tidy up before Carrie comes to visit tomorrow I unearthed the picture and immediately headed for my paints.  It was already after three, so the dogs were nervous about their supper.......and rightfully so.  I worked until almost 4:30 before I gave in to their pathetic faces.  The painting was almost done by then, and after I came back from walking them I finished it.  It's a rare painting that comes out just as I picture it, but this one pretty much did.  It would probably look better if I cut it in half ( it's 18x24) and discarded the bottom, but for now it will stay as it is.

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P. J. Grath said...

Cheri, what I can see is so compelling I wish I could see it full size and "in person."