Monday, September 08, 2014

Not Going Crazy

 To distract myself from the turmoil surrounding me (which is slowly subsiding) I have been at my origami with obsessive vigor.  This is a mobile I made from a tree branch and paper cranes.  You can imagine I can now make a crane blindfolded.  I think I will add a few more on the right hand side.  Below them the flowers are still blooming.

When not making cranes, I am making flowers.  Practice makes perfect, and I certainly have practiced.  I'm not near perfection, but I can make a pretty good blossom if I do say so myself. 
 Then there is my little Willy eating his supper.  He eats in the living room behind a baby gate to prevent Patrick from attacking him and stealing his food.  The two of them are fine together unless there is food involved. 

After I felt I had conquered cranes and flowers, I opened my book on bugs, which is what I want to do eventually.  I succeeded in getting to step number eight out of 108.  After trying for an hour and a half to figure out number nine, I went to bed.  I spent the next two hours involuntarily visualizing the fold and trying to understand it.  I couldn't do it and finally fell asleep.  When I got up I closed the book.

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