Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Good Boy

I took Lytton to the vet today to see if my suspicions were true that he had an ear infection. He has been shaking his head a lot and rubbing against furniture, sometimes squealing in pain when his ears are touched. It proved to be true, and he was subjected to many indignities while he was there. To compensate him for his trouble, I bought him a new toy from the selection prominently displayed on the wall for guilty customers to see. He was so thrilled with it that he actually forgot where he was long enough to take it from me and play with it in the waiting room. This delighted the staff, the waiting pet owners, and most of all, me. I swelled with pride at being the mother of such an adorable boy. Pressing my luck, I said to him, "pick up your toy and bring it along," as we headed out. Miraculously, just as if he always did what I asked, he snatched the toy from the floor and carried it proudly to the door. We exited to the sound of an apreciative, chuckling audience. He has not let it out of his sight since. Posted by Picasa