Monday, October 17, 2005

Progress and Routine

I couldn't take pictures of the new window idea before because I had keft my camera on and run the battery down. Here it is, though, now that the battery has been charging for 24 hours. I also took a picture of the studio, which looks better than it did, believe it or not, and of Lytton with his new haircut.

I didn't get anything more done on the studio because Sydney came for her painting lesson and then I had a committee meeting to set up rules for running the gallery. Sydney had painted a picture without me supervising her every brush mark and was very pleased with herself. She did a good job, too, and I am thrilled that she finally tried something on her own. She has felt so insecure that she was afraid to touch a canvas without me watching to make sure she did it right. I have to admit that I am an ogre, but I never meant to instill such fear in her.

The day was sunny and cold. The dogs and I had a nice walk this morning after not going out for two days. I am forcing myself to take them out as long as the weather is decent, and to give them a fairly long walk. After all, what else do they have to look forward to? They love to go, and it's good for me, too. Every morning as I get out of bed, I begin to make excuses for not going. I would prefer to have coffee and the newspaper first, but the boys are likely to have "accidents" as they are called, if I don't get them out as soon as we get up. I am trying to reach the point where it is no longer a question and I just do it automatically. "Don't think, just do it," I tell myself. And when I reach the corner of Mitchell St. and Adams, I have to prod myself to continue down the hill to Water St. instead of turning around and going back. "Keep going," I tell myself. "It won't kill you to go around the block. And I do, and it doesn't.

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