Thursday, October 20, 2005

Third Watercolor and the Disappearance of the Furnace

Here's number three of my watercolors of Schoodic. I started it yesterday at Judy's and finished it today. I suppose I will have to find another subject now that I have painted from all of the rock pictures I took the day Thelma and I went to the coast. I do have some other nice pictures taken that day at Corea, but I am almost afraid to branch out to subjects other than rocks. Eventually it had to happen, and maybe I will be able to move into something else without the trouble I anticipate. It seems like a miracle that these paintings turned out so well, so I hate to press my luck.

Will came over today to fix the light in the kitchen, which has not been working. He managed to turn it on, but now it won't turn off. I guess this is the better of the two. While he was here he noticed the door in the back room that has fallen off its moorings. He told me what the trouble was, so after he left I fixed it. David used to call my way of dealing with such things "Cheri Walton Living" and this was a perfect example of that. As soon as I knew how the door worked, I was able to rig up a substitute for whatever the original mechanism might have been. This included a chopstick, a plastic screw anchor, and a phillips head screw. Now instead of leaning the door against the doorway I can open and close it the way nature intended.

When I returned from my errands to the bank and the store, I found the old furnace that has been lying in the driveway since August had been taken away. I felt a smug sense of the pride that comes from making things happen. Last week I called the heating company that installed the new furnace and asked them to please remove the old one. They apologized and said they would do the job, but enough time has passed that I began to worry that I would have to get irritated in order to get it done. Since I had no irritation left after all my dealings with Verizon, I was afraid the furnace might sit there forever. I was therefore overly jubilant to find it gone, my bidding having been done. Posted by Picasa