Wednesday, March 08, 2006


This is my accomplishment at Judy's today. One might wonder why I would spend hours so carefully rendering the abstract shapes of the paper form I made months ago. I might wonder the same thing. Yet it is a soothing activity and produces a complex visual experience. It is very absorbing, and I am fascinated by the process of observation. At first it is impossible to unravel the confusing intricacies of the twists and turns of the paper. Only generalities can be perceived. Then slowly connections are made, forms emerge, details become apparent. Order becomes evident. When the drawing is done, chaos returns.

It is tempting to think of the philososophical implications of the words I have written. What fun I could have comparing the whole versus the sum of its parts and vice versa. And what of two dimensions transformed into three (flat paper into sculptural form)? And those three back into two (the sculpture to the drawing), but a different two? And now I have turned that two dimensional object, the drawing, into another two demensional form, a photograph. Well, there was a time when I would have found this very entertaining. As it is, I think I will go watch TV. Posted by Picasa

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Aunt Jeanne-Mareie said...

Dear "Emma"
I saw your blog and was thrilled to read it all.(almost) I loved the part about our trip there last summer...and to see you doing so well with Patrick Lytton and Bennie. Maybe we can come again this summer!
Love, Aunt Jeanne-Marie