Thursday, March 23, 2006


Today I spent a lot of time trying to move the mailing list David sent me from his email to my address book. One of my duties for the gallery is to send out the minutes of the meetings to the gallery members. I received the minutes from June in the mail and had to type them into the computer, then send them out. It infuriates me when I am unable to make this computer do what I perceive to be a simple task that even the most untutored user can do. I have a great deal of trouble moving things from one place to another. After a good hour of trying various things, I finally just typed the list into the address book. This did not take much time, but the fact that I couldn't do what I want to do left me irritable and out of sorts. So far the "drag and drop" skill eludes me except in my photo program.

This morning my two watercolor students came for their lesson, and when they left I found an unexpected packeage in the mail. It was a combined birthday and valentine gift from Sabrina and Jesse. As I opened one present after the other I was just more and more delighted. It was such a surprise, for one thing, that I was taken completely off guard. Also, the gifts were so perfectly me that each one made me laugh out loud with pleasure. The birthday card was a glittery picture of Elvis Presley. There was a box of chocolates with a funny valentine, a DVD of the first season of "Northern Exposure," a cool art magnet, and some great art and anti-war bumper stickers for my new car. The dogs got a big bag of chicken treats, too. I was very touched and the whole thing made my day and then some.

Otherwise I spent the rest of the afternoon reading, wrapped in my comforter against the cold, the dogs snuggled against me. I am tired from working on this gallery business. And under the surface has been the gnawing worry of possible animal disaster. Lytton was not acting his usual self for a few days and I was afraid his back or his bladder stones might be acting up. Carrie had emailed that one of her cats had to go to the emergency vet, then back for blood work and tooth extractions. We talked on the phone last night and all turned out ok, but there was a real chance for disaster there, too. Also, Alice's dog, Roze, was sick. All of us escaped serious consequences this time, but the joy of loving animals sure has its down side. And we all suffer with one another when one of our babies is in danger. Carrie spoke so well for all of us softies when she said that she is really not enjoying having fish anymore, but she keeps the one she has left because it's still "a little life."

I have such wonderful children.

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