Saturday, July 29, 2006

Another Pastel and a Hot Day

Here's the latest in the pastel series. I love these works so much I can hardly take my eyes off them. I did this one with watercolor paper painted black that I mixed with my acrylic paints. I think I like the red ground better as a finished product, but it's more fun to work against the black.

I took the picture of the chickens from the porch. They are too small to see, but the green yard will remind me in winter what July looked like.

I actually spent this very hot and humid day moving all my bedroom furniture into the guest room and vice-versa. I couldn't wait until I had painted the room, as I had planned. Even with its old wallpaper and unfinished floor I am happy with it. In honor of the move, I made the bed up with my Egyptian cotton sheets. They are white, so I hate to have the dogs getting all over them, but if I don't, I will be leaving them to my children. I might as well use them and enjoy them. When I was done with my rearranging, I sprayed myself with cold water and took a tepid bath. Afterwards, I put on a white T-shirt that smelled of bleach, left my hair wet, and opened a new bottle of seltzer water (at prime fizziness). I feel almost decadent in my self-indulgence, but it couldn't be a more pleasing end to the afternoon. Posted by Picasa

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