Friday, July 28, 2006

White Kitchen

Although I still need to put more coats of paint on the cabinets over the stove, I now can see how the kitchen looks transformed. It used to be dark because of the wood cabinets and now it is bright and cheerful. I may even be able to put a curtain at the window now.

On the way back from seeing Alice I stopped at the hardware store and bought paint to do the floor of the deck outside, too. Now that I am in the groove, I may as well take advantage of my energy and get as much done as I can before lethargy overtakes me. There are times when I don't even want to sweep the floor, and others, like now, when I am full of ideas for projects. I have plans to paint the guest room and the bathroom, too, and possibly move into the guest room myself. It seems that I am always looking for change. A new arrangement of things gives me a boost of mood and a feeling of optimism. There is always a new start. Lisa told me that her little daughter Audrey sometimes tells her at bedtime that tomorrow she is going to "start all over again." New surroundings give me that feeling, temporarily. It is a kind of squaring of one's shoulders and facing the future with determination that things will go right this time.

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Isabella-Maria said...

I love your cupboards without the doors, and i love them white.

sb said...

wow, that looks completely different! nice and bright and... airy? something like that.

karen said...

Looks great! Love the shelves without doors-easy access to your dishes and glasses. Good idea and energy. Wow!

A said...

I would not have recognized the kitchen! I love the cupboards (sans doors) displaying your treasures. What a great idea! (Wish I could get up the energy to make some changes...soon)