Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Epping Road Revisited

On the way back from Harrington yesterday I drove back to Epping Road to get some pictures of the area with snow on the ground. Since I want to represent all seasons in my pastel series, I have been waiting for winter to show itself and give me the opportunity to photograph the blueberry fields in the off-season. I am amazed at the pictures, they are so beautiful. It makes me wonder if I can do them justice when I paint them. It will of course be a different medium, and therefore a much different work of art, but never have I taken pictures that so enthralled me. I tried to print some of them, but the quality is not nearly as good as what I see on the computer screen. I expect that is due to the quality of the printer for the most part.

Looking at these photos just fills me with excitement. I stare at them over and over as I run all 38 of them in a slide show. I'm filled with the same joy I felt when I first visited Epping Road. It's pure magic to see those barren fields, to feel that icey cold, to experience that incredible lonely beauty. I hated to leave the place yesterday, but I find the pictures bring it back to me, at least for now.

A far less exhalted consequence of the below zero weather we are experiencing is that the water pipes froze in the cellar.
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brina said...

Beautiful pics!