Sunday, January 28, 2007

Two More Paintings

As planned, I spent two days drawing with Diana. The results are these two winter scenes. They were done in reverse order from the way they are here, and I like the one I did today (top) better than yesterday's. Nevertheless, the other one is fine, too, and is a good addition to the series.

On Saturday night Diana, Jim, and I went to the International Supper at the art center. The place was decorated with flags form various countries hanging from the ceiling. Tables were set with table cloths and candles. People in the community had cooked dishes from various countries and the food was set up buffet style. I sampled as many different things as I could load on my plate, and every one was delicious. I contributed Greek Walnut Cake, and although it is really wonderful, it didn't get the attention it deserved from the diners. It was one of a very few desserts that was not completely gone within fifteen minutes of being offered. The cake doesn't look as impressive as most of the other things that were there, and that is how I explain its lack of popularity. I'm sure everyone who tried it loved it. Next time I will think to make a more impressive looking offering. I had eaten so much of it before I went to the dinner that I didn't need any dessert, and it was a good thing. The table was almost bare by the time I went to check it out. The social part of the evening was made very pleasant by Diana's husband, Jim, who sat beside me. We share an insatiable desire to talk about dogs and other animals, so I was able to chat happily without having to participate in less interesting conversations out of politeness.

It was a fine week-end.
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Rabea said...

Thanks for your comment..Actually, you gussed right..I did that painting after I watched a Charles Reid DVD!!! But I don't like his pallette, and I don't like to do this for landscape paintings...But, it's fun to dip the brush, splatter it, and be loose and careless..I used my own transparent palette for that painting...