Saturday, January 20, 2007

Winter Pastel no.2

I meant to go to the life drawing session at the Art Center today, but my car is barricaded in the driveway by several large frozen chunks of snow. So, I took the dogs for a walk and then went to work on my next Epping Road painting. I'm finding the snow scenes just as compelling as the earlier ones. The whole palette is different and the subject matter presents a new set of problems to solve. So much white is quite a challenge, not to mention so much blue. Adding a good range of color while still keeping the basic impression of blue and white is quite a challenge. I still love the bumpy paper, which gives all the pictures a unigue look and sets them apart from the "typical" landscape, if there is such a thing. I think it keeps them form looking banal, in any case.

I'm glad to have had the excuse to stay home today, since I am growing so accustomed to my solitary life. I had to push myself to get ready to go to the art center and was actually glad that I couldn't go. I felt I should go, in order to appear supportive of the idea of a drawing group, but I really hated to waste time and materials on artwork I didn't want to do. The camaraderie of the group is a slight draw, but it failed to convince me that it would be enjoyable enough. I preferred my own little studio with my little boys for company and my new work to do.

Diana is planning to come to Eastport in another week and we will spend time working together. I look forward to that because we are very companionable as we pursue our own work. Somehow being with her is soothing and comforting. I am always able to produce good work when we are together, no matter what state of mind I might otherwise be in. I know she enjoys it, too, and we while away the hours in harmony.
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