Tuesday, January 23, 2007

No. 26

Lisa came over to paint this afternoon and I did this pastel. It was good to have some company. I have been alone so long that I felt I needed to take a bath before she got here, and comb my hair for the first time in days. I also put on some clean clothes for the occasion.

It wasn't quite as cold today as it has been, I noticed when I went out to take some food and water to the chickens. They are getting along fine despite their confinement. I haven't let them out for a week or more---not since it snowed the last time. If one can judge from outward appearances, they seem happy enough, but how could I tell if they weren't? When I went into the house, Hannah was on her perch as usual. She began to move around in preparation for flying down to the floor, as she always does. Normally she flies into the wall because she is so big and the space so small. I hate to see her do that, so I picked her up and placed her on the floor. She did not appreciate the help and squawked at me in her most irritable Hannah voice. The first time I saw her fly into the wall a few days ago it reminded me of why I put the smaller nesting house on the floor last winter instead of high on the table. Now that I know wht is happening, I'll want to fix the problem as soon as it's warm enough for me to work out there. I don't want her to break her neck. She's not able to figure out that if she goes into the house instead of sitting on the roof she could walk down the ramp I provided. Nor does she realize that she could jump onto the ramp from the roof and walk the rest of the way.

Hannah is a smart chicken, but not that smart.
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