Tuesday, August 07, 2007

More Food Show Work

It took a lot of work and a lot of paint to get this one into shape. Once again, it looks better in the photograph than in real life. I learned a valuable lesson as I painted the berries about the color red. I use only two reds in my palette and have felt restricted at times thinking I couldn't get the shade of red I wanted. Usually it doesn't matter, but since I didn't want either orange or purple strawberries I was forced to really experiment with my reds, adding various amounts of them both to my two yellows, blues, and white. Amazingly, but not surprisingly, I was able to do everything I wanted. I've always been convinced I could get any color out of my primaries if I tried hard enough, and now I know it's true. The one thing I had to give up on was the mottled blue design around the edge of the plate. I probably would have eventually done it, but there's a limit to my patience when I don't think the result will be worth the effort. My many attempts resulted in very thick paint as I covered up failure after failure. I like the result.

All I seem to want to do is paint. Away from my easel I am distracted and restless. The days are long and empty.
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