Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oranges One More Time

I can't seem to get enough of painting fruit. I keep getting better at capturing its essential fruitiness (that is a joke). Actually, what always amazes me about the results I get is how realistic my work looks at a distance and how rough it looks up close. This is true of most everything I do. I guess this is what people call a "style."

It's a good thing I enjoy the process of painting and am enchanted with my own creations, since I would be hard pressed to think of any good reason for them to exist otherwise. Even if I valued giving pleasure to others, my efforts would be in vain since I so rarely sell anything. I do not, however, get anything out of the enjoyment others may get from my work. The only part that others play in my process is to partially satisfy my own selfish need for praise and acceptance. That pleasure is short-lived, lasting as long as it takes to hear the words. I have no resevoir and am constantly in need of refilling.

I suppose that's what keeps me painting.
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