Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Back to Pastel, and New Furniture

I had prepared some pieces of paper for new pastels quite awhile ago but didn't get a chance to do anything with them until today at Sydney's. I took a photo of the little historical site near where I live and used it as subject matter. I must say that I didn't get up much enthusiasm, and even though the result is pleasing I have no feeling for it. Somehow I feel that I'm being disloyal to Epping Road and to the emotional involvement I had with it. It's tied up with Alice, too, which I find is still a wound only superficially healed.
Yesterday was hectic in that despite periods of drenching rain I insisted on bringing my newly purchased furniture home. Will had agreed to deliver it, but forgot, so I got Dominic to bring his truck over and together we loaded the chair and couch and brought it to the house. He also delivered my other chair to Judy. I am very pleased with the scale of this furniture in my room. It is also a good color and quite comfortable. It's not a style I would have picked out in a store, but it serves the purpose and I'm happy. It's future may be limited, but it's always fun to get new stuff.
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