Thursday, September 20, 2007

Late Bloomers

I've waited all summer for these flowers to bloom. Up to now, just a few blossoms have appeared in the lush foliage. I thought perhaps all the energy had gone into the greenery, but now that summer is over and other cosmos are starting to wilt, mine have come into their own. I have always loved Cosmos and wanted some. Lisa started these from seed and gave them to me in the Spring. They were about four inches tall. Now they are as tall as I am. I am happy to see them every time I come and go from the house.

There are bulbs for sale at the IGA now and I must remember to get more tulips, and some daffodils. It seems like just a few weeks ago that I was marveling over the huge white tulips David gave me last year. I'm not sure if adding to them will make next Spring more or less dramatic. My slowly growing garden is at this point not the sum of its parts, but a number of individual plants. Every one is met with delight and watched over with rapt attention. Will the experience be as rewarding to me when I switch my allegiance to the whole? ....when the focus is on how the individuals function within the group? Could I then callously rip one up from the ground because it was crowding another?

I don't know what kind of a gardener I will be, but right now I am thrilled by every single stem and blossom and leaf.
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