Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Visit from Jesse and Sabrina

It was a short visit, but Jesse and Sabrina were here from Friday night to Sunday morning. They brought me this table for the deck along with dishes and glasses for outdoor eating. I have often longed for a table outside where I could put my book or a drink while I sit there. They always seem to think of a great gift......this was a belated Mother's Day present, so they said.

The weather has turned cooler and the trees are beginning to look tired. The Fall has been dry and the foliage looks parched rather than colorful, but probably some trees will put on some kind of display before the season is over. I am not particularly fond of Fall anymore, since the summers don't seem so hot. I don't know if my age or the climate is responsible. The garish colors of the trees is usually beyond my idea of respectability..........the death of the leaves overstated. Once, though, when Thelma and I were on the way to a Fall painting workshop in New York, we came across a sight that took my breath away with its beauty. From the top of a hill we were able to see miles into the distance, and the whole world of foliage before us was a blazing red. It went on forever without a single dot of yellow or green. At least that is the way I remember it, as does Thelma. Over the years since, we have spoken of it. Thelma told me that she later took her husband back to the same spot to show him the sight, but it wasn't the same. We were lucky to have caught it. It is truly amazing how many things in nature seem not to repeat themselves. Nothing is ever exactly the same. It's important to be vigilant and notice the details.
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