Sunday, August 24, 2008

August Garden and Painting

The garden that started as a patch of mud has certainly flourished. It is straining to confine itself to its boundaries. Next year I will dig up more of the front yard and add more plants. What I planted this year needs to be spread out, too. I wanted the garden to look full even though it was new, so I put things fairly close together. They have filled in and are a little crowded, giving the place a somewhat wild look. Of course I have not been diligent about weeding either. That adds to the disheveled appearance, but I love it.

I painted my first oil painting in a long time, using a photo I took at Shackford Head from the kayak. It's about 20x24......much bigger than what I've been doing. It was very soothing to sit and paint with my headphones on, listening to the novel "Abide with Me" being read on CD. It is total immersion in the moment, with no ports of entry open to other thoughts.

We have had no summer to speak of, no hot sunny days, and yet the signs of Fall have begun to appear. I notice while walking the dogs that the earth has tipped slightly away from the sun, putting it lower in the sky. Shadows slide over the ground, longer and earlier. The landscape looks a little bloated and tired, dotted with the various yellow wildflowers that signify the end of summer. There is no doubt that time seems to move more quickly as one gets older. I haven't got around to putting my boots away yet, and the snow shovel still stands beside the back door.
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