Monday, August 11, 2008

More Kayaking

Toni (bottom) and I (top) have postponed Kayaking for over a week hoping for better weather. Finally we decided to go anyway. We spent over two hours paddling around Deep Cove, this time in another direction from our first trip. It was overcast, the water was as smooth as glass, and the temperature was cool. What a wonderful experience it was to explore the cove. We saw many cormorants and sea gulls perched on the rocky edge of a treeless island. They created quite a cacaphony as we approached, and finally took flight. Hundreds of them skimmed across the surface of the water before rising into the air. As we progressed, they landed in a circle around us, apparently curious and, at that point, unafraid. It appeared that we had entered their territory and were supervising our departure. Once we had gone a short distance, they returned to their island and sat quietly as we disappeared around a headland.
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