Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mira Gill

Last night I went with David to hear Mira Gill at Summerkeys. She is my favorite pianist, bar none.....perhaps even my favorite musician. The program did not disappoint, and she received an enthusiastic, long-lasting standing ovation. The ride across the water to Lubec was enchanting, as always. On the way back after the concert, fog had settled in. Our boat was operated by a very competent captain and his young son. They navigated us through the mist without any difficulty. The fog hung low over the water, and above our heads was clear. The bright light from the moon reflected across the top edge of the fog, dividing the sky with precision into two distinctive parts. There is something very magical about the experience of riding home on the boat, in the dark, the beautiful sounds produced by Mira Gill's heart and hands still floating in the air around my head.

Earlier in the day, Toni and I went kayaking at Gleason's Cove. The sun was out, and the water as blue as I have ever seen it. White, fluffy clouds reflected in the water, making long, smooth, white ripples. We paddled along easily, keeping our distance from one another in order to enjoy a sense of solitude. Far ahead of me, I saw Toni rest her paddle in her lap many times, gazing around her in the silence. I was doing the same thing, wallowing in the sensation of being tiny and huge at the same time, isolated and yet part of an endless whole.
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