Friday, March 06, 2009

Brave Chickens

The girls love birdseed (and why wouldn't they?) so when I went out to fill the feeders, I tossed some over the fence for them. These three brave ones ventured out into the snow to get them, even though lettuce had failed to motivate them five minutes earlier. Poppy and Petunia were first, and then Pansy. The other three are in confinement and couldn't get out. I'm trying to get their feathers to grow back in where they were being pecked. They seem to be making some progress, though I'm not sure that one of them isn't the culprit. Lupine doesn't seem to be healing much.

I will be so grateful for Spring, when they all can come out every day.........though probably not nearly as grateful as they. This has been no winter for man or beast.......
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