Monday, March 30, 2009

Mixed Media, etc.

I've been working on this painting for several days. I've tried to edit the color of the photograph to match the real thing, and this is as close as I can get. It's been fun, because I have used pastel on canvas, over acrylic paint. Originally this was another painting that I didn't want to keep (I can't remember which one). I thought I'd do an abstract, so I covered it with thick, colorful strokes. It sat in my studio for over a week while I lost enthusiasm for abstraction. I then thought of trying pastel over it. Then the lights weren't light enough, so I painted over the pastel, then put on more pastel. It's not evident in the photo, but there is a lot of texture on the canvas from all the layers of paint...........also a lot of color from all the pastel. I don't know how to preserve it, but it was a great time doing it.

I haven't been writing lately out of exhaustion, physically and mentally, over the chickens. Even now, I don't have the energy to relate the whole story. Consider pecking order, crowded chickens, fights, bad bloody wounds, escapes. Think of me trying to rectify the situation every way I could think of, and failing. The upshot is, though, that everyone survived and I have two unhappy girls in a chicken hospital of my own making (don't ask me where). The whole thing has been traumatic for us all.

Meanwhile, we have had a lot of rain and the snow is receding. Several of my plants are coming up, and the poor pink flamingos are now visible. Two of them met unfortunate ends during their hibernation period under the snow, but the rest will be fine once I put them on their feet. The world is cold, windy, muddy, and drab. We rejoice to see it.
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sabrina said...

I was going to ask how well the pastel sticks to the paint. huh. spray shellac? ;)

glad the chickens survived...

Fearless Nester said...

Beautiful painting! Now is this chicken hospital somewhere inside...I'm a softie for bird like creatures as I've had my parrot for 33 years and counting.

k said...

Cheri, the pastel sticks because it's meant to! I want to see this painting in person because it looks beautiful already.
My heart goes out to you on the chickens, having had them and miss them in the past. Karen

raineydewey said...

Emma, I just found your blogspot recently (as I've become a blogger too) and am enjoying your entries very much.

My niece offered me a chicken (BooBoo) who doesn't get along well with her flock. I'm considering taking her and maybe one more. Any suggestions? Should I avoid the whole proposition?

Your artwork is lovely. I too am an artist looking for a venue. All my best to you.

Emma said...

To rainydewy: I love having my chickens no matter what problems they might cause. I heartily recommend them as pets, and with just two you should have a great time of it.......I recommend the website mypetchicken. It's entertaining and full of information. You can send them a question, too. I did, and got a nice response. Good luck.

rainey55 said...

Thanks for the "go-ahead." I'll check out the site today and maybe that will get me motivate get a coop constructed! Now I'm really excited about getting chickens. Thanks again. Also, I'm enjoying your blog.