Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Back Yard

I've been planning on painting this since I took the picture weeks ago. I started it at Sydney's on Wednesday and finished it today. I think after the first session it was better, in that it had the feeling of the day much better. It was all blue and white. The addition of the color presented a lot of problems as far as composition was concerned, as well as taking away the coldness. I got a nice painting, and I love the chicken wire fence, but I didn't get what I wanted. I may try it again in anther medium.........that seems to be my way of doing things lately.
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Diane Gordon said...

Dear Emma,

I stayed up all night reading your blogs. Your work is wonderful! What a treat. Your life is an inspiration to me! Everything I would love to be doing. Love the doggies! The chickens are so cute and your stories of your adventures with them are absolutely poetic.

I knew you had painted with Betty Lou Schlemm when I saw the familiar statue painting in your living room! I'm originally from Rockport, now living in Maine. I painted with Betty for years when I was there. I might know you!

(Fearless Nesting)is a very close friend of mine and we both fell in love with Eastport reading the Sarah Graves mysteries so we make occasional treks up the coast to visit the galleries and take in the scenery.

I haven't gotten into blogging yet myself, but I find yours so intriguing. In my fantasies I shall live in Eastport along with you having cocktails with my friends and spoiling the doggies and the chickens.

You have a loyal follower!