Saturday, May 30, 2009


As I was cleaning out the drawers of my desk I came across a package of t-shirt transfer paper I had never opened. Always on the look out for a new medium, I decided to put a picture of one of my paintings on cloth and then sew over it. The idea of working with fabric has always intrigued me and I've seen fantastic things that others have made. Without any plan, I put the image on an old t-shirt that doesn't fit me and then sewed the outline of the subject on the sewing machine. It held some appeal for a short time as I stitched around fingers and teeth, but it wasn't long before I began looking more at what I had left to do than at what I was doing. Determined to have something to show for my efforts, I made a pillow cover out of the thing. It's a little slice of experience, though, that might come back later in some more satisfying way.
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