Friday, May 22, 2009


I know I took a picture of these tulips las year, but they are too beautiful to go unrecorded. I have been working hard on the garden and yesterday brought several plants home from Ann's. They all seem to have survived the transplant in good shape except the Bishop's Weed. Some of that looks okay, but most of it is lying on the can almost hear it moaning. The stuff is sturdy, though, and I'm still hopeful it will revive. My conception of my "cottage garden" is coming to fruition, even if my first thought of it was back when I lived in Hampden well over ten years ago. I have eyed the yard in front of this house over the many years since I first lived here, imagining what I would do with it if I ever got it back. I have had the opportunity now, and though it isn't a mature garden, it's on its way.

There's something wonderful about transforming a patch of mud into a garden. I am always mindful that flowers do not exist for human pleasure. They have their own agenda. It's one of the nice things about the human, though, to be able to get pleasure just from looking at something................and working to make it happen.
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