Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another Try and Taxes

I painted this scene before as a demonstration in one of my workshops. It's an acrylic, and I used it as subject matter for this watercolor. I am beginning to get a little discouraged, but I will persevere in my efforts to recover my watercolor expertise. This one is better than what I did yesterday (which is on the back of this one), but I still have a ways to go.

I am a little distracted by my financial situation, particularly my income taxes. It is so difficult to communicate with the federal government. I called, I went on the internet, and finally wrote a letter. By the time I was ready to mail it, I realized I have used up all my stamps. The letter was only an attempt to put off making a decision anyway, but I simply can not decide how to handle the problem. I have not paid my taxes, and so am being bombarded with threats. I don't have the money, which is why I didn't pay them in the first place, but I can't get hold of anyone to make arrangements to pay on time.

Well, I wore myself out for the time being with today's efforts, and will have to try again another day. Meanwhile, I can keep painting and lose myself in the activity until the heavy hand of Uncle Sam taps me on the shoulder again.
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