Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Getting Closer

I drew this on location, , on Boynton St. looking toward Water St. I didn't have time to finish painting it, so brought it home to work on it. The first day I tried for about three hours to make it look good, then washed the whole thing off. Believing I still had a good drawing, I went at it again yesterday. After a few more hours it seemed like a lost cause so I put pastel on it. That made things even worse. So at the end of the afternoon I washed that all off, too. I had to really scrub, and even then a lot of the paint remained. Today I tackled it again, and feel the effort was worthwhile. It's starting to look a little like my old paintings. Actually it looks like the paintings I did when I began studying with Betty Lou. That's definitely heading in the right direction. I had to use a lot of outlining to make the colors look crisp, like I did then. Some of that came from removing the paint, which roughs up the surface of the paper.

Nevertheless, I am encouraged and will keep trying.
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