Sunday, September 19, 2010

Two Watercolors

After seeing the watercolor picture I got in the mail, I vowed to recapture my old skill. I thought about the circumstances under which I painted my best, and of course it was when I was with Betty Lou. I can never repeat that situation, but I decided to try painting outdoors as I did then, rather than from photos.
I did the first one yesterday sitting on the street with Lisa. Then today I went to the boat school with Diana and Gaye. Before I went, I studied pictures of Betty Lou's work, trying to dredge up some of the enthusiasm she inspired when she demonstrated.

All I can say is I caught some of the spontaneity I used to have, but my skills have diminished with lack of practise. There's no doubt that painting outdoors is a different experience. It's my plan to get out there and do it as long as the weather permits. It remains to be seen if I actually do it, but I like to think I will. I have a distinct style in watercolor that I would like to nourish. Everything I do in other media could be done by any of hundreds, or even thousands, of amateur artists with a certain amount of expertise. Watercolors are unique because the way the brush is handled is as individual as handwriting. It's something I have always known, but doing something new is exciting and seductive. I could never stop experimenting......but I'd really like to stay good at what I do best as well.
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karenwihbey said...

Agree on your wonderful watercolor skill which still inspires me. Lots of street scenes in Arlington MA to challenge me! Karen