Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another Approach

Well, here's my next idea with pastel.  I did this one in charcoal with the express purpose of putting pastel over it.  I can't seem to quit experimenting.  This is a much bigger drawing, maybe 24x36, taken from the same book of Rockport artists I used before.  I worked on it for two days for many hours, taking pictures of the progression as I went along.  It's interesting to see how it changed.  Last night I thought it was finished, but this morning I wanted to go on, and did, for another couple of hours.

I have several other things I ought to be doing, and tore myself away from the easel to work on them off and on over the past few weeks.  It has been warm enough to work outside and I did a little gardening.  I also re-constructed the chicken pen.  The new configuration has worked so far to keep Penny inside, but Bonnie and Blackie have taken a few excursions.  Their escape route is quite obvious, though, and I've been able to plug it up, albeit unaesthetically.     At some point in the near future I hope to find a practical and acceptable-looking solution.  Penny has been thwarted by  preventing her from getting onto the roof of the chicken house.  I put some chicken wire up there and held it down with an old wooden ladder.  As I look out the window now, though, I see some of the wire has blown away.  My guess is that Penny is now running around the neighborhood.  I must go check...........                                                        


BoholstWife said...

this is wonderful! so cute....the blue is my just pops out...i hope you have a good day....keep painting!

RaineyDewey said...

Cheri, your work always inspires me. I admire your courage to tackle any subject!