Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Idea

No matter what else I think I have to do, I seem to be obsessed with drawing.  Today after looking at the website of a New York Gallery I was inspired to do something a little different, preferably abstract.  I have trouble with that because I lack the vocabulary.  So I thought of blowing up parts of my paintings until they looked abstract, then using that as subject matter.  When I tried it, I became enthralled with the magnification of the details of the paintings.  Realist that I sadly am, I still liked the representational elements.  So I printed out portions of former paintings and drew them with charcoal and pastel.  The top one was interesting in that the edge of the paper showed in the photo, adding an abstract element that I decided to use.

As for the second one......well, I'm not so sure.  It's a little piece of the painting I did of my living room.  I liked the shapes and meant to make an abstract out of it.  Once I got going, though, all I could see was the there they are.

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BoholstWife said...

honestly,i wish i had half your talent.