Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A reactionary drawing

Here is a drawing like I might have done back when I was in school......when I did my best work.  I started with the idea of reproducing an old watercolor in pastel.  Before long I was totally disgusted, abandoned the project, then went after it again an hour or so later.  I love the results, though I can't tell if it is just because it is a relief after my recent efforts.  Whatever........


BoholstWife said...

I have made a big mistake and threw away one of my first male nudes I had worked on. I didn't like the colors I had chosen....if I could change that day, I would of just threw it back into my box and pulled it out and tweak it and fix it on another day. I was just so hopeless and had no confidence in myself. your post today makes me reflect. I will not do his again. It is never a lost cause it just changes into a different piece then what you intended. I am glad you posted this work...I just love has sooo much character.

Sherry Ashby Cunningham said... this much that it makes my mouth water a that weird?