Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dragon Fly

Believe it or not, I have struggled to make this origami dragon fly for almost a week.  How could I not take a picture of it?  It is a little the worse for wear, having been folded and unfolded hundreds of times, and I have no real feelings of accomplishment.......only relief that I finally figured it out.  To prepare myself, I actually started at the beginning of "The Complete Book of Origami" and did some elementary forms first.  After three of them, with only minor success, I decided I may as well go back to the advanced section.  I think the practice helped, though. The worst directions in the book are "as pictured"........which refer the reader to a diagram with curving arrows and dotted lines going in directions that appear to defy physics.  Or "repeat on the other side."  At least in this stage of my life, reversing a complex set of directions  is a tremendous challenge. I'm not sure if I am done with this for the time being, but I suspect that I'm not. 
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