Saturday, July 06, 2013

Hot Dog

Finally the weather has become more seasonable.  It is, in fact, hot.  Patrick seems to be bothered by it most.  Last night I got up from my favorite TV show, CSI Special Victims Unit, and gave him a spur of the moment haircut.  I think he feels better, though there's not much I can do.  Besides, I have my own problems with the heat.  All last winter I thought perhaps I had changed my preference for cold over hot.  All it took was one day, though, before I remembered how much I hate heat.  I would still rather be cold than hot.  I think Patrick feels the same way.

Patrick is still taking medication for whatever illness he had, and is doing well.  Finally yesterday the vet decided to try and cut down a little.  The idea scares me, but I will try it.  It will be terrible if he gets sick again, and I hold my breath.
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