Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Origami Bird

How have I been spending my valuable time?  Here is the result of two days work.  And I mean whole days............how obsessed I can become.

My shoulders have been bothering me so much that I really can do almost nothing that requires using my arms, which if you think about it, is almost everything.  So, I got out my origami books and went to work.  I have forgotten almost everything I knew, which was pretty elementary anyway.  The first day I was finally able to re-create a beetle like the one I did before.  The failed attempts filled a good sized waste basket full of paper folded so many times that it was limp and full of holes in the creases.  I finally gave up on the tarantula I was trying (from the advanced section of the book, requiring 49 separate folds).  This song bird (27 folds) was back in the beginning.  There's no way to describe the complexity 0f the instructions, even with diagrams which supposedly show you how.  To prepare, you first have to learn the names of the various folds, like rabbit ear fold, sink fold, swivel fold, petal fold.....each of which involves many steps and a basic knowledge of engineering and physics.

Well, I am nothing if not determined and persistent, immune to boredom, and without aversion to trivia.
Sadly, it is the learning of things that I crave and typically once I have accomplished a skill I lose interest in it.  I am a living example of "jack of all trades, master of none."  The pursuit of excellence eludes me. 
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