Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sea Dogs

Yesterday was the first time all summer I have gone down to the beach with the dogs. It's hard to see Willy since he always wants to run as far away as he the big picture, he is just a white dot on the rocks, headed for high ground.  I had brought treats with me to entice him back, since several times I have had to chase him down.  Yesterday he actually jumped in the water and swam out a few feet after a sea gull perched on a rock near the shore.  Once he realized what he had done, though, he turned tail and hurried back.  The last picture is when he was just coming out of the water.  The then absent gull had been on the seaweed-covered rocks in the background.  Patrick, doing what he does best, is quietly just looking adorable.  Once in awhile I wonder what I would do without the dogs, but the idea is just unimaginable. 
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