Saturday, August 30, 2014

Comeback with Flowers, Artificial and Real

I have been without a computer for two weeks, just one of  many problems and inconveniences.  I did manage to take pictures of notable changes in the garden as Fall flowers begin to take over.  The first picture is my first successful origami flower.  Since then I have made many more, as I distract myself from feeling totally overwhelmed.  My car can't be driven because of mechanical trouble I can't afford to fix.  I am therefore housebound. By spells my phone and TV have refused to work.  I have overdrawn my checking account to the point that this month's deposit only brought me up to zero.  It's amazing how one problem can lead to so many others, the last being this morning's realization that it is Paint Eastport Day.....a chance to make a little money by selling a painting.  Since I have no car, I asked Diana to take me downtown to register and paint.  When I came home to get the necessary paraphernalia, I realized I had no canvas.  I decided to obliterate another painting, covering it with white paint.  Then when I tried to pack up, I discovered I had very few tubes of acrylic paint, and those were not the colors I use.  Still, I thought I could be adventurous with the ones I had..........white, blue, green and magenta.  Then I discovered all my acrylic brushes had turned to little bricks for lack of washing thoroughly after their last use.  Well, I could make do with watercolor brushes.  When I realized I also didn't have a usable palette for acrylics or oils, I decided perhaps I could do watercolor.....but no watercolor paper.  At that  point I became overwhelmed with frustration and decided I was defeated.  Besides, I had things to deal with at home.  My TV, my router, my keyboard, and my mouse weren't working.  I had given up on them all and gone to bed last night, but I knew I had to face them today.  I have obviously managed to get the mouse and keyboard functioning.  The rest is still ahead of me.

It would be possible for me to go on about how one thing leads to another, leads to another, leads to another for quite some time.  But I won't.  There are origami flowers to be made.  And thank goodness,dogs and chickens.............


P. J. Grath said...

What a beastly hard week you've had! Thank heaven for dogs and chickens!

黄明 said...

so cool