Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Paint and Ice

It was snowing again this morning. The roads were icy, and then slushy. As the day wore on, though, the sun came out. By the time I took the dogs out for their walk at five 0'clock, it looked like summer. There was a slight mist in front of the distant islands, the same way humidity sometimes makes them look in the summer. I tried to take it in as much as I could with the dogs yanking and pulling. I need to make sure I appreciate where I live every single day. None of it is to be taken for granted. After the dogs and I came back, I took a picture of the ice block I dumped out of my trash can. I plan to monitor its demise as the weather warms up.........tangible evidence of the change of seasons.

Lisa was here this afternoon to paint. I did this little watercolor and still couldn't manage to stop soon enough. It's all right, but not anything to jump for joy over. When will I learn to quit while the painting is still fresh?
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