Saturday, March 08, 2008

Today's WC

Here's today's watercolor effort. It's from a photo I took from the moving car as I was driving to Harrington. The clouds were so beautiful. I meant to just use the clouds as information for some other painting, so I didn't think about what else was in the picture. Still, since the subject doesn't really matter, I decided I could just do what was there. I have such a good time balancing color and shape....getting the illusion of aerial space on a flat surface. I like this one, and I narrowly escaped overdoing it
It's not that I have done nothing but paint for the last week. I just feel that my paintings aren't finished until I take a picture of them and post them. Yesterday I went to Machias with Toni and bought a new DVD player. I wrecked the one I had by blowing its mind with too many commands at once. Even though I have very little money left for the rest of the month, I felt I couldn't get by even one day without it. I used my one puny credit card to buy it and was rewarded with the next episode of "Six Feet Under." I am watching that TV series on discs from NetFlix and can't imagine life without it now. Every night I watch one or two episodes. I wonder what I will do when I have seen them all. Start over? Maybe.

Toni and I are playing the recorder together three times a week for an hour or so. You'd think we would be great musicians by now, but luckily we still have a very long way to go. There are a few things in life you can never finish, and learning some kind of art form is one of them. Or it's possible to create such a situation. I remember an old friend telling me that she never could bring herself to finish her housework because then there would be nothing left to do. She always left at least one task for later, I suppose to make sure there WAS a later. We spend so much of our lives looking forward it's hard to get out of the habit. After a certain age we have done all the significant life events we planned on, or not. Our future can't be depended on in the way it once was. The next big change is death.

Well, it's a different orientation.

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