Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day at the Farm

 I still work at the horse shelter two days a week, with a reduced workload that doesn't require much from my shoulders.  When I arrived Tuesday, BJ, Anna, and Tina were there, along with baby Damon.  I am getting soft in my old age and found the baby cute that I took his picture.  His big sister BJ was riding Lena, her horse adopted from the shelter at Christmas.  Anna, whose father just died of cancer, came along to watch while her mother made funeral arrangements.  Tina, mother of BJ and Damon, has worked at the farm for a long time, but obviously is busy elsewhere for awhile.  "What were you thinking?" said I.  "I wasn't thinking, obviously," said Tina with a laugh.  Damon  has a congenital heart defect that has to be repaired surgically, but is expected to recover completely.
I am so glad that I am still part of the farm crew.  I am grateful that I have a chance to keep my contact with horses, despite my age and physical limitations.  So often it feels necessary for my continued satisfaction with my life. 
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