Monday, August 12, 2013

More Woodburning and poverty

Armed with my new woodburnig kit (donated by the Woogs), I continued to experiment.  One very handy thing I discovered was the power of sandpaper.  I like this image of my ever-engaging shells.  To ad interest I poured some paint on the finished picture and added the partial grid.  I never get tired of Fibionacci (sp?).   I'm gaining control, but I think it would all be more predictable if I got wood that  wasn't pulled from a junk pile.

I hate to discuss money here, but lack of it has me unusually down in the dumps.  When I went to register my car (due in December) I then had to have it inspected.  It failed the inspection, which seems to be a recurring theme in recent months.  My house and car are by state standards pieces of junk unfit for use.  After over a hundred dollars for registration and five hundred for repairs on the car, I find myself overdrawn on all of my financial accounts....checking and three credit cards.  This doesn't count the nine hundred I still owe for Patrick's medical bills. 

I received an increase in credit on one card only last week, for good behavior.  The notification was barely posted before I spent the money and overdrew the account.  I have kept that account happily solvent ever since I got it, paying off the balance every month.  Now the bank must be clapping its hands that it has finally figured out how much credit it takes to force the inevitable.  All three of my cards were given to me because I am a known deadbeat.  Under the guise of "helping" me re-establish good credit they have tempted me with cards especially designed for my kind....high interest rates and penalties.  I have responded as expected.

Well, it's depressing that I am so predictable and unable to learn my lesson.  I know what comes next.  Letters, phone calls, threats, referrals to collection agencies.  I suppose email has been added since I last went down this road.  Eventually I will quit paying, though not before I have paid enough to make it financially beneficial to the banks to have had me as a customer.  The whole routine will take at least a year, with follow-ups every six months or so offering settlement amounts (since they understand these are hard financial times).  These will be tossed into the wastebasket unopened.

I won't live long enough to see the end of it.
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