Monday, August 26, 2013

More Fun with Pyrography

Even though I am painting, I can't seem to stop playing with my wood burning.  The more I do it, the more possibilities I see.  I couldn't resist trying a version of my old "Apple for the Teacher."  It has had its day as a life sized sculpture, a monoprint, a lithograph, an etching, a drawing, a painting.  I like this one.....much less menacing than any I have done before.  The original was a cast of my own body, which I did myself out of modesty.  The only part I couldn't get were my shoulders, so I used Jesse as a stand in.  Then I built a coffin out of foam core and put the body in it.  I packed it with real apples, which rotted in a delightful contribution to the whole concept.  By the time the show ended, the whole gallery smelled like rotten apples.  I was delighted.

I've said it a thousand times.....I loved school and would like to have remained an art student for the rest of my life.  Certainly I did my best work then.  The other one is from a photograph of Lubec that I have always liked.  I experimented with a different point to see if I could get a different look.particularly a wider value range. I accomplished that, but the wood is gouged to pieces from my lack of control.  I see its potential, though.

That point sure makes great shingles.....
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