Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fat Willy

This is Willy taking a nap on the couch.  I cropped the picture because it showed all too clearly how fat he has become.  The extra weight has done nothing to curb his physical activity, but I know it is unhealthy, as well as a detriment to his health.  I'm trying to keep him on a diet, but so far it isn't working.  It's a problem I haven't had with other dogs, so I am somewhat at a loss. 

Nevertheless, he continues to be a wonderful little dog and a great addition to the family.  Walking him is a challenge for me because he is so wild and full of energy.    But I have never claimed to be any sort of dog trainer, and every one I have ever had behaved exactly as the spirit moved them.  It gives me a lot of pleasure to see them be themselves without having to submit to human standards  of behavior.  It gives me a great sense of satisfaction and self-approval to know I am providing for them, making their lives comfortable and happy.  I believe that because they are happy, they are pretty much well-behaved in spite of their lack of discipline.

I guess that's why I like small dogs.  A big dog needs to learn some social behavior to accommodate living with humans.  Not my boys.  They can be what they are and I can be what I am and still be in perfect harmony.
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