Monday, November 18, 2013

Another Thought on Sidewalk Cracks

I walked into the studio this afternoon and spotted the pile of wooden shingles I got earlier this Fall. The sidewalk crack idea has been simmering in the back of my mind and I suddenly saw the shingles as a good work surface.  The wood burning tool seemed like the perfect way to create the image.  So I grabbed a shingle, plugged in the wood wand and set to work.  I'm really quite happy with this and can imagine a series of three or four of these side by side to form a single work.

I am not very inspired lately and have been spending a lot of time sitting around knitting and eating.  I have even begun to gain weight...probably a combination of much less exercise and much more food.  I have always imagined that I would eventually get fat again, as I was most of my life.  I also always knew that when it happened I would be powerless to stop it.  I have really enjoyed being as small as I am now.  I see the handwriting on the wall, though.  A few days ago I made an apple pie and ate the entire thing in two sittings.

This does not bode well.
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