Saturday, November 02, 2013


I took Willy out with me this morning while I photographed sidewalk cracks.  I couldn't resist posting this picture that caught Willy's yellow leash hanging from my hand.  I wish I had had it when I was trying to teach perspective to my painting students.  Could they deny that the near end of the leash is bigger than Willy's head?  The flat surface of the photo makes it easier to see than when one looks at it with an eye that flits back and forth between Willy and the leash, unable to focus on the relationship between the two.  I think that I can see this so easily because I have vision in only one eye, making everything flat compared with the normal 3-D view.  Over a lifetime I have developed other ways to judge relative distance.  It's quite an advantage, especially at a distance.  Close up....not so much.
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