Saturday, November 23, 2013

Next Sidewalk Installment

As an aside, I will say that I have nearly started a fire twice with my wood burning tool.  The first time, after admiring my new project at some length in another room, I returned to the dining room to find a skein of yarn smoldering on the table.  The second time it was a piece of paper.  Well, there were no flames either time, but I have resolved to pay better attention.  The wand has to be unplugged to cool down.  Preoccupied with my masterpiece, I simply forgot.

Anyway, after I finished this third shingle, I put it beside the first one and noticed that they fit together like a puzzle.  All I had to do was extend a couple of lines, and the two pieces made one image.  I really like the way it looks.  When I was in school studying art I used to make large paintings comprised of several canvases.  The one hanging over my desk right now is made of three 30x40 canvases lined up side by side.  It's called "Evolution of the Rat." Sometimes I put different sizes together in random shapes.  At the time it had some significance to me that the images started on one canvas and continued on another.  I also painted on top of the images I had already made, usually but not always letting the first one show through.  I was pretty involved with process then, and using painting to mimic the evolution of thought.  Oh academia........I could have happily lived there forever.

Anyway, my sidewalk cracks are quite pleasing to me.  I don't think I will make any more.
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