Sunday, August 28, 2005

Coming Down to the Wire

Even though I wrote earlier, I wanted to post the pictures I took this morning to record the last throws of renovations at the house. The only thing left now is to paint the floors. I need to paint the walls in my bedroom, but that can happen later. There's Will and Lisa doing something serious with the window in the dining room. The color I picked is really great, and you can see the color of the living room through the doorway.
Then there's the kitchen with the stove and dishwasher in place, and Will contemplating his next move. Then I took a picture of the chicken house. I hope to get the fence up soon so they can come outside. Poor things must be bored to death cooped up, as it were, in such a small space. I guess that's all that chickens expect out of life, though, as long as they get plenty of food and water, and each other's company.

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Anonymous said...

I finally looked up your blog and now I see what the excitement is about! I couldn't stop reading!

What did you think of Noye's Fludde? I hope I'll see you Wednesday... your house looks great!

The "Dove"