Thursday, August 04, 2005

Return of the Steamer and Chicken Health Update

Another day sweating with the wallpaper steamer. I met Will coming out of the bank this morning as I was leaving to go to Calais to return the thing. He suggested that we keep it until Saturday so that I could take the paper off the walls of my bedroom. With drooping spirits, I agreed. After spending a few hours with Toni playing the recorder, I headed for the house. I lugged the steamer upstairs, filled it with water and while it was heating up, pulled the rug from the bedroom down the stairs and onto the front lawn (I use the word loosely) to kill the grass. After it dies, I can begin to make it into a garden. Then I carried the ladder upstairs and set to work on the walls.

Like a gift from the gods, the paper slid onto the floor with very minimal effort. It was hot work, but not difficult until I got to the last wall, which had a different kind of paper on it. Underneath was a lot of different material, since there had once been a door there. The combination of the two factors made for an obnoxious task and I didn't quite finish.

Demeter seems to be recovering from her brush with disaster yesterday. She didn't want to go out today and sat by the watering dish where she didn't have to move to get a drink. When I put the rest of the chickens in tonight, she was on her feet and looking pretty good. I think she is going to be all right.

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