Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Real World

I dove back into normal life somewhat reluctantly yesterday, attacking Rolland's portrait again by collaging pieces of the linocut I did last winter of his carved crow. Then this morning Elizabeth came over to draw me. The work is due at the gallery tomorrow, so it will be interesting to see what she is able to do in so short a time. While I posed, I begain to want to draw her. So when she was done I got my charcoal and pastels and did a quick drawing. I didn't get as good a likeness as I would have liked, which is a disappointment. I am usually very good at making people look like who they are, but in both of the portraits for this gallery show, I have failed. I had to add other references to make sure they were recognizable: Rolland's crow and Elizabeth's pose as one of her own sculptures. Well, at least I have done my job, albeit somewhat inadequately.

I meant to get my bedroom painted at the new house today, but since I got bogged down with art pursuits I didn't get to it. Will asked me to do it so he could use his time to get on with the floors, and I intend to use the same color I have in the kitchen. I love it--it looks like a creamsicle. I'll have to take more pictures now that things are getting close to completion. I still haven't heard about my financing, though, which keeps me on pins and needles.

Tomorrow I have to go back to Harrington to see the doctor about my leg. Even though it's looking good, the primary care physician feels nervous about her ability to foresee trouble and wants to see me often. I refused to go back to the surgeon, which had been the plan, because I didn't have the money for another office visit. This irritated the doctor in Harrington, but it couldn't be helped. I am also supposed to hang the portrait show, which I hope June and I can do in the afternoon.

The new chickens I got last Saturday are doing well, secure in their house on Wilson St. I visit them every day, and will be glad when things calm down enough for me to make a fenced area for them. I keep telling them they wouldn't be able to go out anyway, since I'm not there yet to watch them. These new girls look a lot like the others who were killed. They are the same colors. But they do not have the same personalities, of course. I'll be glad when I have time to get to know them. They are shy right now, though less so every day. They have learned that I bring food and water and greet me with loud clucks. One even eats out of my hand.

One more worry is that Lytton has been acting sick. He was shivering and not acting like himself last Tuesay, but seemed to get over that part. But now he keeps his eyes closed a lot of the time as if they hurt, and they seem to be cloudy. I've called the vet several times without being able to reach her, and I even called Dave Cloutier last Friday. He left me a message that it probably wasn't an emergency since Lytton is eating and drinking, but I am worried and have compulsively called the emergency number in Perry many times a day. No one returns the call (great emergency service) so I will have to try and take him there tomorrow. I prefer to think that it's not a life or death situation, but I am very anxious to have him seen. I hate to have him feeling bad. Life is so short for dogs, anyway, that I want every day he has to be a good day. The thought of losing him, which creeps into my mind quite often, has to be shoved out immediately. The idea is intolerable.

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