Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Sorry Excuse for a Day

My eye bothered me so much today all I could do was sit on the deck with my eyes closed, sunglasses on, and a hat over my face to keep out the light. Every time I tried to do something constructive, like open my eyes, things went from bad to worse. So that was me, lounging on a chaise, my fingers twitching and my mind full of things I wanted to do. The dogs loved it, taking turns sitting on my lap and happily grooming themselves. One fly kept landing on me, almost driving me to murder it. (I know, I carry respect for life a little further than most.)

At around four o'clock I was absolutely fed up and then, eureka!! I discovered the miracle drug of the 20th century: aspirin. I popped three extra-strength Equates, and within fifteen minutes I was mobile again, blessed with the gift of sight (out of one eye). Why didn't I think of that sooner? I was filling my eye with all kinds of ointments and drops, thinking only a topical treatment would help, when the solution was right in my medicine cabinet. I think the bottle is around four years old and had lost its cover, but, hey, it did the trick. I still have to keep the affected eye shut, but it is relatively pain free that way. This is the first time since my first attack of virtigo ten years ago that a physical condition interrupted my daily activities.

Of course I did get down to the chicken house and let the girls out. Demeter emerged about an hour after the rest of them and began pecking at the ground like her old self. Looks like she is going to be okay. I can't even see where she was bitten now. The twenty-five pound bag of chicken feed I bought less than two weeks ago is almost gone since I have left the door open for whatever killed Adah to help himself, or herself. It seems to keep the creature satisfied, since I see no signs of attempted break-ins around the main building.

So here's to a better day tomorrow.

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brina said...

ugh, how awful. When J had the same problem in one eye in Boston he was pretty much immobilized, too. Luckily he hasn't has a problem since. I'm convinced Boston is just bad for one's health ;D Hope you're feeling better today.